Amimono - K (Knit)

Amimono - K (Knit)

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In this latest collection, Helga Isager has designed knitwear that is the perfect balance between fashionable and wearable, but most importantly, within the reach of new knitters. Helga expertly breaks down knitting into its basic parts. Each garment focuses on a single technique: garter, knit, purl, cables, yarnovers, brioche, etc. These stylish, cleverly rendered garments form the basis of a great knitted wardrobe. Helga has combined Isager yarns to create unexpected textures and colorways for jackets, cardigans, pullovers, and accessories. Each garment includes a swatching lesson with a gauge-size photo shown on the facing page. Lay your swatch over the photo to check your gauge! Helga has also added a much-appreciated XL size to each garment. After knitting a few pieces from this book, knitters can confidently tackle some of the more challenging pieces from Helga's previous books, The Bird Collection, The Map Collection, Room 606 and The Artisan.

By Helga Isager. English language / softcover / 9½" x 8½" / 80 pages.

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